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Our History

Sacred Heart Parish Federal Credit Union was chartered in 1940 by Father F.O. Beck with 25-30 charter members and a combined balance of $400-500.

Our success sprung from humble beginnings, born by those who shared a common mission. When a parishioner reached out a hand in need, we were there.

It mattered not if it were normal operating hours, nor if the transactions were conducted in a traditional business office setting. In fact, it wasn’t until 1975 that we became more than a sideline operation.

Father Beck’s vision continues to flourish today. We still provide financial services for members of Sacred Heart Parish and immediate family members. All who are related by blood or marriage are welcome to join.

We merged with Flatonia Federal Credit Union in February 1994. We’ve continued to serve members of Sacred Heart Parish in Flatonia, Texas since the merger, as well as those of small churches in the surrounding community.

And we continue to grow. We now have over 2,600 members and assets of over $42 million.

Whether it’s advice on buying a new car or counseling on how to raise your credit score, we’re here for you.

We’ve known most members for many years and have seen their families grow, and now their children and grandchildren come to us for their financial needs. The trust placed in us is passed down from generation to generation. We work to maintain that trust through the personal attention we give each and every person who walks through our door.

Those we serve know us, too. The faces behind the counter today are the same ones you’ve seen for over 10 years. This isn’t a job to us. It’s a place we gather to help our neighbors prosper.

A prosperous community enriches the lives of all its members. Together we can build a bright tomorrow.

Mission Statement

The Sacred Heart Parish Federal Credit Union is a member-owned financial institution whose purpose is to promote the financial well-being of its members by providing friendly, comprehensive, and progressive financial services while maintaining a sound financial position.

President’s Message

Welcome to the Sacred Heart Parish Federal Credit Union family!

For 80 years, we’ve answered the call for help whenever a parishioner reached out in need. Whether you’re just starting your nest egg or reaping the benefits of retirement, we’re here for you.

Buying your first car or purchasing a second home for vacation? We can help turn your dream into reality.

Even if all you need is financial advice, you can trust Sacred Heart Parish Federal Union to guide you in the right direction.

Those who join our family rarely leave. Today, we’re also serving the children, and grandchildren, of our earlier members. We’ve grown together – both in number and prosperity. By helping each other, we all benefit.

That’s the advantage you can expect as a member of our family. No matter if you walk through our door or launch our mobile app, you can expect the same dedication and quality of service. It’s our commitment to our valued members.

Welcome to the family. We’re glad you joined!

Laurie Janak


Board of Directors

  • Charles Haas, Chairman
  • Rida Chovanetz, Vice-Chairman
  • Calvin Albrecht, Secretary
  • Audrey Klimitchek, Treasurer
  • Patrick Fawbush
  • Georgia Haas
  • Ruth Barton

Credit Committee

  • Karen Bludau
  • John Henke Jr.
  • Donald McAfee

Supervisory Committee

  • Don Rainosek
  • Gwen Sturrock
  • Phillip Steffek

Administration – Office Personnel

  • Laurie Janak, President
  • Maureen Schott , Vice President
  • Carol Henry, Loan Officer
  • Diane Blaschke, Loan Officer
  • Terry Bludau, Loan Officer
  • Hannah Siegel, Office Manager
  • Doris Mixon, Operations Manager
  • Roxanne Deem, Drive Thru Teller

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